Alicia Halloran

Animal Communicator

Holistic Coach

Helping you deeply connect with your spirit and the spirit of the animals you love

Animal Communication

Are you struggling with difficult issues with your animal companion?

  • Unwanted behavior
  • Chronic disease
  • Feeling powerless and Overwhelmed
  • Grief from the loss of a beloved pet

You are not alone.

I use a combination of intuitive reading and healing to shine a neutral light on your relationship with your animal companion so that you can understand your pet.

What does this mean for your relationship with your animal?

  • Clear communication – to and from your companion
  • Release of guilt from loss
  • Empowered understanding and Peace of mind

Holistic Coaching

Are you ready to work with your Spirit?

Are you ready to make the changes that you have been trying to make but have had a hard time staying committed?

Are you suffering from confusion or anxiety? Do you experience an empty feeling or feelinglost and overwhelmed? Have you had a health crisis that has made you question everything you know?

Live the life of Your Dreams!

When you feel that there is nowhere to go I will show you tools that will carry you to your wildest dreams and beyond. We have not come to this world to suffer. It’s time to embrace the joy that is truly you so that you can be even more effective in your life. As a minister and holistic coach I am a relentless cheerleader for you.

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